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Celebrate the bond of love with timeless elegance - Rakshabandhan with Esther Adorned.


Emerging from the serene embrace of nature, Esther Adorned embodies a profound connection to the world around us. As I embarked on the quest to name this cherished venture, it became apparent that the inspiration lay in the very fabric of nature and the extraordinary individuals who inhabit it. Just as the stars in the universe captivate with their uniqueness and untold secrets, each person possesses a story that defies comprehension—an enigmatic blend of beauty and complexity. It is with utmost honor that we dedicate ourselves to serving individuals like you, those who inspire us with their remarkable existence.

In my pursuit to find a name that resonated with this ethos, I stumbled upon the significance of "Esther," which translates to "a star." It was a serendipitous moment—Esther Adorned, the perfect embodiment of our vision. We present to you "Style with Precious Simplicity," adorning each and every one of our Esthers. Fuelled by unbridled passion and a touch of madness, we thrive on the extraordinary. Our journey began just as a leap on a trampoline, exhilarating and full of adrenaline. Yet, as we soared higher, our gaze shifted upwards, embracing the breathtaking expanse of the skies. It was in this ascent that we witnessed the transformation of dreams into reality, the culmination of our tireless efforts.

But as we immersed ourselves in this newfound universe, a realm brimming with fresh perspectives, we realized there was more to our brand than meets the eye. Our meticulous attention to detail crafted an allure that surpasses the ordinary. As part of one of the world's esteemed Global Growth Companies, representing the indomitable spirit of progress, we have a promise to uphold. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the epitome of excellence remains steadfast. Today, we invite you to join us on a remarkable journey—a story rooted deep within us. It is a tale of traversing familiar paths while venturing into uncharted territories. We implore you to lend an ear, for phenomenal things await your embrace.

Prepare to be captivated.

Esther Adorned ™️

Style with Precious Simplicity
📍Mangalore, India
BIS Certified Silver Jewellery