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Size Guide


1. Take a Length of Floss or String And wrap it around the base of your finger.
2. Mark where the Floss or string first overlaps with a pen.
3. Stretch the length of string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and take down the length in millimetres.
4. Use the Ring Size chart in Right to compare your measurement to the standard Sizes.
Ring Size (Indian) Inches MM
8 1.88 47.752
9 1.91 48.514
10 1.96 49.784
11 1.99 50.546
12 2.04 51.816
13 2.08 52.832
14 2.12 53.848
15 2.16 54.864
16 2.2 55.88
17 2.24 56.896
18 2.28 57.912
19 2.32 58.928
20 2.36 59.944



Measure your wrist. Using a measuring tape, measure tightly just above the wrist bone as below.
If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a thin strip of paper. It is important to use a thin, flat paper strip. If you use a thick string, you will end up with a measurement 1-2.5cm longer than your actual wrist size.
Wrap the strip around your wrist, and mark with a pen or marker where it starts to overlap. Lay the Strip flat and measure its length up to the marker with a ruler.
2. Round up the measurement. Take the measurement from either the measuring tape or paper strip and round it up to the next 0.5cm. This shall be your wrist size.
Your wrist length + 2 cm = Bracelet Length
Size Wrist Size (Cm).         Inner Circumference Wrist Size (Inches).         Inner Circumference
XXS 14cm 5.5′
XS 15cm – 16cm 5.9-6.3′
S 16.5cm – 17cm 6.5-6.7′
M 17cm – 18 cm 6.7-7.1′
ML 18cm – 18.5cm 7.1-7.3′
L 19.5cm 7.67′
XL 21cm 8.3′
XXL 22cm 8.6′
XXL+ 23cm 9′



This usual is based on an average 5ft 9 in person so sizes may vary depending on the person. There is really no set standard for the length of a necklace as there are number of variables like a person’s height, size of neck, personal style and even the type of necklace.
Collar and Choker: 30.5-40cm or 14-16”
Short or Princess Necklace: 40-47cm or 18-20”
Medium or Matinee Necklace: 47-60cm or ~20-24″
Long or Opera necklace: 60 -75cm or 28-34”
Very long or Rope necklace: 85-100cm or 36-42”