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Article: Esther Adorned: A “quarantine baby”?

Esther Adorned: A “quarantine baby”?

The 2020 Pandemic: While most brick and mortar businesses suffered greatly as a result of the lockdown brought on by the pandemic, most of them eventually crumbled to dust. However, for those who were ready to adapt, this was actually a blessing in disguise because it fertilised the land for a new era of business—the era of e-commerce. Fashion being fashion, took no time to prevail once again, thanks to the reach of social media platforms; we were no short of trends, tutorials, and most importantly time! And the fiery enthusiasm combined with the need for self-sustenance lead to the rise of over 16,000 new firms and businesses across the nation.
As one of the largest beneficiaries of the pandemic, the Indian e-commerce market has introduced millions to the convenience of online shopping. And business had nothing less to offer. The pressure was on and while the opportunity was golden the mindset of the majority was to get on board and to get on board- fast! As a result of this pressure, many brands tend to have made the error of hurrying through the entire process. The thing with hurrying is that you impulsively tend to produce products solely for the sake of releasing them for fear of “missing out on the trend,” rather than giving it the required duration to finesse and bring out its best. That’s always why fast fashion offers significantly poorer quality than well-curated and seasoned brands. It is crucial to understand that a business should be carefully composed and balanced, taking into account and understanding the impact of what we create not just on the environment but also on people’s livelihoods. Understand and recognize what your client “deserves” rather than what they would feel is merely “adequate”. That should be your brand ethics.
A brand should be rich in personality and have a story to tell. After all, building a brand is a significant part of your life that requires a significant commitment of your time and energy, so it is crucial that you love and enjoy what you do and are able to do so every single day. Because only when you are able to fall in love with it yourself and it sprouts from a place of love, can you create something that is “loveable.” So it’s important to have what you do resonate with your inner self, and only then can you create a community of passionate individuals working towards a commonly sought-after goal while combining each individual’s magic to create unimaginably beautiful products.
Therefore, to answer the question, No, Esther Adorned isn’t yet another “quarantine baby”. Esther Adorned is inspired and comes from a place of love. And if the pandemic gave us anything it was time! Three precious years to understand, develop, create, improve and curate the best. And did we not make the best use of it! We cracked the formula of figuring the balance between staying on-trend without compromising on the quality of craftsmanship, and despite the shortage of materials, we understood the need to put out the finest. This is reflected in our timeless and unique designs, the unusual colors of our countries highest graded AAA+ grade zirconia, and the fact that we were among the first brands in India to electroplate our products using some of the highest gold deposition, resulting in long-lasting plating that doesn’t fade easily. It’s all about the mindset because we do what we love every day so that you love what we do forever.

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