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Article: Featured Five

Featured Five

Choosing five products out of dozens of carefully thought out and crafted products is a task in itself, but some stories are worth that extra attention as they resonate a bit deeper than others, from the atelier of Esther Adorned, here are five products’ stories worth that extra attention:


When it comes to luxury, we consider a variety of factors. And this stunning neckpiece is just what one would expect. This might be the perfect complement to any of your occasional looks, handcrafted with the greatest simplicity yet a wonderful elegance. Wear it with a lovely gown and a pair of stilettos to gracefully walk your steps and show out your alluring beauty!


Within the fourth leaf dwells good luck. A four-leaf clover looks like something out of a fairytale. When I think of a four-leaf clover, I see a little pixie town where these tiny little creatures spend their days gathering four leaf clovers to add a drizzle of magic and leave them around for people to find! Those with exceptional magical abilities are chosen. In this case you get to be the chosen one!


This exquisite Bracelet will go down memory lane as the very first product of our maiden launch! A
product so aptly named after the enchanting evening skies in the city of love.
Just like the time when the sun sets on the horizon, the Eiffel Tower stands tall and majestic against the hues painted in the sky. In the dusk, her silhouette is illuminated by lights that exude charisma. The
moment freezes as if it were a picture; perfect and enrapturing you in the manner that beauty is defined. Talk about a dramatic entry!
This multi-hued Sterling Silver tarnish resistant wristlet is all about preserving the moment of those
magnificent Parisian skies. It has a quintessential design that exudes excellence per se, whereas every color is captured in this delicately decorated bracelet, making it the centerpiece of any of your ensemble. Can’t help but say it, this is THE icing on the cake to any evening outfit out there!


This Sterling Silver neckpiece is the epitome of an ethereal dream. Dreams in which the entire universe is yours. There is no judgment, no limitations, no realism, no comparison, no end; simply a journey that can be experienced by taking the first step towards it. You’ll learn as time passes that these dreams are portals to eternity and that they continue even though the eyes are open. You’ll know there’s hope as
long as you have dreams in your eyes, and you alone have the power to make those dreams come true. No matter where you’re from, the dreams you’ve always had are worthy and magnificent. This is what this exquisite neckpiece stands for. So, starting from now, make it count! 


Elpis was a personification of the spirit of hope. Zeus imprisoned her and the other spirits in a jar and gave them to the first woman, Pandora. All of the spirits fled as she opened the vessel, except Elpis (Hope), who stayed behind to comfort mankind. Hope escaped as Pandora reopened the box. As an outcome, when people are suffering, it is acknowledged that Hope is always the last thing to arrive, the thing that keeps people’s spirits up. The spirit of hope is portrayed by this elegant bracelet. She clings to your wrist right out of Pandora’s box, reminding you that she is here, stronger than ever and that despite the darkness, there is light. This will help you in finding your own hope so that you will never walk alone, and you will find the key to making anything possible.

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